Thursday, 5 January 2012

Signalking 10TN 20dbi High Power Panel Antenna

Why Choose Signalking 10TN 20dbi 150mbps High Power Panel Antenna(NEW)?

Cause it Signalking Are Using the World Most Stable RALINK 3070 Top Chipset with support WIFI 802.11 B/G/N Series, Speed Up to 150Mbps

Stable then other chipset like RealTek 8187L chipset, RealTek 8187L chipset not support N Series, Lower Speed

Genuine original Ralink 3070 top chip Made in Taiwan

Only Signalking are Specialist Provide the High Quality Wireless Product,

You are choosing Signalking, You are Deserve to Have It : )

Item(s): Signalking 10TN 20dbi 150mbps High Power Panel Antenna(NEW)

Why Buy From Us?
- Cause We Are Signalking Dealer, We Are Always Selling In Best Price for All Customer
- 100% Original Signalking Product
- All Signalking Product have Verify Serial Number to verify on Signalking Web Site
- 6 Month Warranty

Package Content:
- Signalking 10TN 20dbi 150mbps High Power Panel Antenna(NEW)
- CD Linux (BEINI, Hack Software) *WEP Only
- Manual
- CD Tutorial


  1. Sounds interesting of thus products. I am finding quality antenna for cell phones. Because i am not getting well signal inside and outside of the house. I have got few results, but not found quality products which i want.

  2. all this product are different compare for cell phones. These product is for computer or netbook.

  3. I would like to know the hack software compatible with Microsoft or only for Linux OS?

  4. compatible with windows and linux itself.

  5. salam . masih ade x lagi signal ini.?dan nk tanye klau guna d'tempat y t'tutup macam office , perlukah letak d'tempt y tinggi atau t'buka atau boleh ltak d'tepi laptop sahaja.?

  6. stock baru je abis. akan restock dalam masa terdekat. untuk kesan yang lebih baik, gunakan di kawasan terbuka, tempat yang tinggi. cable 10 meter panjang

  7. Assalam, apa beza dengan model 12TN (selain panjang USB cable, ie. 10m vs 5m)?

  8. Saya penguna sk10tn, mmg mantap sk10tn ni, Saya bole dpt lain internet free dan laju, you tube tak de sangkut langsung. TQ tuk super brand sk10tn,tapi saya hanya d bagi soft ware driver shj.jadi bole saya dpt kan software hack password dri encik,KTQ.

  9. beza bentuk, panjang cable. cable panjang sgt membantu.

    Boleh sms sy 0176289960 untuk details yg lebih lanjut. :)

  10. bro.. antara signal king 999wn mane satu lg bagus?

  11. bro..stock ada x?

  12. ada stock lagi tak..saya berminat.. tq

  13. ader stok lagi x ni?nak beli sgat ni..

  14. i know as distance arrive' the capture signal the internet

  15. my signalking can't work properly...
    Should i connect either one or two booster/ existing wifi adapter & signalking?
    Tried both but signalking keep shows "Connection errors!

  16. salam ada after sale upport tak cam ner nak dapat wifi free kalauada sya berminat nak beli.